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Mix of solar and batteries are beating the use of natural gas

Mix of solar and batteries are beating the use of natural gas


Renewable energy developers are working on finding different ways to use other kinds of resources for daily use rather than using natural gas. Now on researching, there are two energy resources that can beat the use of natural gas: solar and batteries.

First Solar Inc., has won a solar contract with Arizona state to supply the biggest utility. The services is finalized to provide between peak hours, i.e, between 3.p.m and 8.p.m. The panel makers beat bids with even powerplant that are burning cheap gas. They have proposed on building a 65 megawatt solar farm that can in return provide 50 megawatt battery system.

When the Sun’s out, the panels will generate solar power and charge the batteries. NextEra Energy Inc., also installed a similar plant in Florida that will back up a solar farm. This initiative is to save the non renewable resources that take million of years to form. In California, rules and regulation have called to use batteries and non fossil resources on PG&E Corp.

“Very competitive, and it had the added benefit of being clean” Arizona Public Service Co. spokeswoman Annie DeGraw said and it’s believed that batteries and it’s types may get competitive in near future. “By harnessing more solar energy from the same power plant, this has the potential to further reduce our fossil fuel consumption and save our customers even more money on their electric bills,” Silagy, president and CEO of First Solar Inc., said. He also said that the firm has “set a standard” for low-cost solar development and is looking for adding batteries.

Source: theindianwire
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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