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Job description:
Exp: 10-15 years; Qualification Electrical Graduate/MBAJob Description Extensive experience in project Management in the Solar Industry.Site execution experience for executing projects of 25 MW or above.Good Communication& presentation skills.Conversant with Liasoning processes of Govt. bodies related to solar industry.Roles & Responsibilities Project Essentials Information Understanding project scope & requirements in TOTO including the PPA / Contract terms in detail.Understanding the Project planned budgeting & other important commercials, impacting the project.Understanding the scope of Liasoning & information on process at & statutory bodies involved.Detail Understanding on the requirement of licenses & approvals required from the state Authorities.Assessment of land, locality & project feasibilityThorough Survey of construction site & surroundings.Identification of Technical Hurdles/difficulties envisaged in construction.Identification of local disturbances foreseen.Derive Rev 0 practical plan for overcoming technical & environmental hurdles.Co-ordination/Communication with the Customer The PM after study of the contract & assessment of the practical ground for execution shall communicate with the customer for any shortcomings, requirements, amendments, additional requirements, notes etc. if any.The PM shall submit to the customer the L1 Plan for execution setting the milestones date wise till final completion.The PM shall submit as required by the customer daily or weekly report in appropriate format providing the current status of the project.All necessary communication with the customer related to the project shall be done by the PM only.Responsibility of timely document, drawing, data, reports etc. submission to customer shall be with the PM.Getting payments against ABG/PBG, work completion on pro-rata basis & final work completion shall be the responsibility of the PM.Internal In-principal approvals from managementApprise the management about the feasibility study & difficulty/risks envisaged.Put up plan Rev0 for approval to overcome these.Project & Resource plan SchedulePreparation of project operational budget including administrative costs, operational costs, contingency expenses, Overheads etc.Selection of efficient team on the Civil, Electrical & Administrative fronts.Getting one time approval on the above.Efficient Inter-linking with other departments involved Meeting with the Engineering team for detail understanding of the layout, civil & electrical design & drawings. Detail discussion on the construction plan/Sequencing of activities for compliance.Meeting with the SCM to discuss & plan supplies in line with the requirement of the project.Discussion &finalization of scope to be contracted for civil construction & electrical installation activities.Fixing deadlines for various contractings & orderings with target dates of supplies at site & completions of works contracts.Project Execution planning Preparation of Plan- A for project execution within the timelines prescribed as per the Contract.Prepare Bar chart for activities involved till project completion.Sequencing of work plan keeping awareness of potential interdependencies of work activities.Share the plan with the Management & get approval for implementation.Detail discussion & delegation of plan execution to Site Manager ensuring thorough understanding of the Site Manager for implementation on site.Conducting meeting with the Site team including Site ManagerApprise the team about the project requirements, scope, timelines, critical path etc. & plans for work commencement.Provide clarity on the Plan A for execution detailing the sequence of work in which execution is to be carried out.Discuss any anticipated issues related to execution & resolve.Taking feedbacks if any from team for better work plans or processes in interest of the project.Finalize upon daily, weekly & monthly reporting formats within team for construction activity progress.Site ResourcesIdentification & PRPM to ensure that resource Identification & planning is done well in advance by the SM.PM to ensure that sufficient PR building with the locals including Sarpanch, Police station, Statutory Govt. Offices & any other local body is done.Identification of local Civil, Electrical & Labour Contractors, and local resources for material handling equipment s, consumables, & C class items & Identification of Local electrical testing agencies as per the state TRANSCO Norms is done.Site & Stores AdministrationPM to ensure that all site & stores administrative function is being implemented effectively & economically on time at site by the SM.PM to monitor at regular intervals the working of the stores & admin department verifying the various records necessary to be maintained at site.PM should facilitate all help in this regard in view of improved & efficient functioning of this department at site.Project Monitoring & Control PM to ensure that the site receives all the required information, documentation, drawings, data, design etc. prior to the commenment of respective works or in advance as required by the flow of work & the plan.PM to ensure that all the unpriced contract & PO Copies are sent to the Site manager for their understanding of scope of work, terms & timelines.PM to ensure that the site is updated daily or weekly basis as appropriate, about the status of contractor deployment & material shipment status, for them to align work activities.PM shall monitor Allocation of tasks as per execution plan to Site Team.Communication with site on daily basis accessing the progress of the work & input directions in case of deviations from plan, non-compliance, contingencies, hurdles etc. for immediate resolution.Facilitate to site requisite support from the Procurement, Engineering & Accounts department in view of smooth work conduction at site.PM to ensure sufficient site fund allocation to site for routine expenses & other planned expenses related to the project.In case of a joint discussion with site PM to facilitate con-call involving other related departments at HO as needed.PM shall take the liberty to step in at site to take control of the situation if found in such a deviated condition from the plans chalked out for execution.PM shall also be responsible for the Contractors performance of works at site. Man power & machinery deployment by contractor at site shall be monitored by the PM.In case of Non-Performance by the Contractor w.r.t agreed contract terms the PM has to initiate necessary action for re-aligning the contractor to work as desired or to deploy another contractor for the work to be executed at risk of the original contractor.PM in loop with the SM shall decide upon the matters such as Man power & Equipment deployment in case of insufficient allocation of the same by the contractor, Material purchase locally in case of delay if supply by the contractor etc. All such decision in good interest of the project shall be taken jointly by PM & SM with compliance of the management.PM to ensure daily meeting & weekly reviews of site people with the contractors. PM shall monitor the results of such meeting to ensure work progress at site.Liasoning with Government authorities in the project shall be the sole responsibility of the PM only.Developing risk mitigation plans & implementing them effectively as & when required.Envisage Contingencies & devise procedures to manage it effectively.Effort to restrict man power turnover during project execution.
Desired Skills and Experience
Preparation of Plan , electrical design & drawings , overcoming technical & environmental hurdles , Project planned budgeting.

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