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Statkraft and Statera announce flexible grid alliance

Statkraft and Statera announce flexible grid alliance


Norwegian energy giant Statkraft and flexible grid specialist Statera Energy have today announced a new partnership to develop combined energy storage and flexible gas generation technologies in support of the UK’s net zero transition.

The 15-year strategic partnership aims to deliver 1GW of flexible energy services as part of Statkraft’s UK-based Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Announced in March, the VPP project currently has 1GW of energy capacity under management, integrating wind, solar, battery storage, and gas generation technologies to provide a range of flexible grid services. The new partnership with Statera aims to bring the VPP’s capacity to its target level of 2GW.

Under the terms of the agreement, Statera Energy will provide Statkraft with one of the UK’s largest battery facilities – a 50MW installation that will store renewable power at times of excess production.

Statera will combine its energy storage capacity with utility scale high efficiency gas engines, which can generate electricity at times of peak demand. The increased flexibility provided by the portfolio will enable Statkraft to consistently match renewable power production with market demand, integrating intermittent renewables into the UK grid, he companies said.

The partnership will also see Statera – which receives financial backing from InfraRed Capital Partners – continue to develop, own and operate its flexible gas generation and energy storage portfolio.

As new assets come online, they will be integrated into Statkraft’s VPP and advanced trading platform, as the Norwegian firm brings its expertise in trading and risk management services to the partnership.

“Statera is excited to be able to continue to deliver best-in-class energy storage and highly flexible and efficient gas generation to the renewable energy market in the UK,” said Tom Vernon, managing director of Statera Energy.

“The UK generation mix and electricity market design will continue to evolve rapidly in the coming years, becoming increasingly volatile and challenging to trade. Statkraft will optimise the increasing dependence that its renewable portfolio has on flexible generation and storage, to help balance the electricity system using Statera’s assets for the next 15 years.”

Statkraft is looking to utilise its VPP model as it expands across Europe. The Norwegian firm, originally a hydropower operator, is already operating 12GW of VPP capacity in Germany, and has further plans for projects in France and Turkey.

“Statkraft recognises the importance of flexible power generation for the provision of secure energy supply in the years to come until multi-day mass energy storage becomes economically viable,” said Duncan Dale, head of Statkraft’s markets business in the UK.

“It is vital that any new generation capacity is highly efficient and ultra-flexible, like Statera’s.”

Source: businessgreen
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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