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Su-Kam introduces Brainy Eco, an intelligent Solar Home UPS

Su-Kam introduces Brainy Eco, an intelligent Solar Home UPS


Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, India’s leading manufacturer of power back up solutions announced the launch of its new product- Brainy Eco, an intelligent Solar Home UPS. The first of its kind Brainy Eco runs the load and simultaneously charges the battery using solar power. Designed to give priority to Solar Power, Brainy Eco uses Grid/ DG Power only when the Solar Power/ Battery Charge is insufficient to meet the load requirements.Brainy Eco is equipped with intelligent features such as ATC Technology, variable battery charging option, Automatic Bypass feature, powerful charging even during low voltage, DT-6Stage technology, MCB protection and is extremely cost efficient as it generates electricity from the sun thereby reducing power bills.

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), this technology involves a hi- tech sensor which senses the outside ambient temperature and accordingly adjusts the charging of batteries. The sensor automatically controls over- charging and under- charging, increasing the battery life by at least 6 months and provides excellent battery back-up.Its unique Intelligent Charging Sharing feature means that it if 10 amps is coming from solar panels and your battery needs 15 amps, it will take the rest 5 amps from grid. On the other hand, if solar panels are making full 15 amps, it will not take anything from grid.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, MD, Su-Kam) said “We are delighted to announce the launch of India’s most intelligent Solar Home UPS- ‘Brainy Eco’. The product will help consumers save a lot on electricity bills.” He further added “Su-Kam has always been at the forefront in terms of innovation and in delivering state-of-the-art products. We look forward to continue with the same practice in the future as well.Su-Kam is one of the top players in residential solar market with 20.6% market share and pan India presence. A continuing focus on quality and strict adherence to international standards has enabled Su-Kam to export its products to various overseas markets across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific region.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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