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Su-Kam’s mission to transform million lives through Solar Power

Su-Kam’s mission to transform million lives through Solar Power


Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, India’s leading power back up solutions provider is transforming the lives of countless  people in the remotest villages of the country by providing electricity through solar energy. The thought provoking documentary showcases how in an era of growing energy needs and rising concerns about the environment, Su-Kam is offering end-to-end solar solution to people in even the remotest parts of India.

The future of millions of people living in rural regions such as Patewara in Uttar Pradesh is bleak without electricity.The people in these regions, depend on the sun during the day time and candles at night. The dearth of electricity is affecting their education system and the day-to-day lives of these people.. However, with Su-Kam’s Solar installations, many Indian villages have been succesfullyilluminated. Su-kam has provided electricity to the poorest of the poorliving in remote villages where electricity grid is either absent or unreliable. The documentary emphasizes onthe importance of Solar plantsand its ability to transform lives.

“In today’s energy hungry nation, electricity is still a distant dream for millions. However, our initiative has empowered people to generate their own electricity by utilising sun’s energythrough solar power roof top installation.”quoted  Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director Su-Kam. “Su-Kam, the hub of innovation has succesfully set up large scale and cost effective projects in 40, 000 households across 19 districts in rural Uttar Pradesh”.

He further added that Tripura Hospitals that earlier even delivered babies in candleight today with the advent of solar power, are better prepared and properly quipped for any medical emergency. More than 90 hospitals in this region have been equipped with Solar panels ensuring round-the-clock power for patients..”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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