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SunPower by Stellar Solar’s August Episode of “Solar Cribs” Features an Encinitas, California Couple With Solar Installations on Both Their Home and Business

SunPower by Stellar Solar’s August Episode of “Solar Cribs” Features an Encinitas, California Couple With Solar Installations on Both Their Home and Business


SunPower by Stellar Solar, San Diego’s oldest SunPower dealer and one of two Master Dealers in San Diego County, has released the second episode of their popular YouTube series Solar Cribs featuring the unique combination of a residential and commercial installation on the home and business of an Encinitas, California couple Julie and Leo Macaluso. The 45 kW installation on their business, Encinitas Foreign & Domestic (EFD) came first in 2011, making them one of the first auto repair shops in California to go solar. The system has already paid for itself and offsets 100% of their electric bill. A portion of the solar array doubles as a roof for one of their auto service bays which provides a unique perspective viewing the underside of the solar panels. The installation has also led to EFD converting their fleet of customer shuttles exclusively to electric vehicles, a move that saves them $600 per month in gas.

As Leo Macaluso described in the episode, going solar was as much about doing the right thing for the environment as it was a financial decision. “Going solar enables us to be good corporate citizens and do our part to be a green business and the financial savings is a very nice side benefit of making that move. We also think a high percentage of our customers recognize and appreciate the fact that we are a solar powered auto shop and that is just good business.”

The Macaluso’s followed their commercial installation by installing solar on their home shortly after. Besides solar electric, they have solar hot water, hydronic heating in their floors, and a polystyrene wrap around their home. Their home system offsets 100% of their electric needs and powers their electric car. Their daughter who lives next door also went solar with an installation from SunPower by Stellar Solar.

Besides capturing the energy efficiency steps the Macalusos have taken at home and work, this episode of Solar Cribs tells the story of how both Julie and Leo grew up in Italian families in Toronto, how they met, and what led to their move to Encinitas. “It’s this personal touch that I think endears people to this series,” said SunPower by Stellar Solar CEO Kent Harle. He added, “Anyone can shoot a customer testimonial video, but with Solar Cribs, we try to tell the unique story of the people in the home, their background, and yes, what led them to make the decision to go solar, yet that is not the primary focus. We like to think of this as good storytelling first with the solar element worked in. As I’ve said before, our primary objective of this series, through the variety of the content, is to expose the significant population of home and business owners who have not gone solar to people like themselves and compel them to take a look at solar as well.”

SunPower by Stellar Solar produces Solar Cribs in collaboration with their agency
Artichoke Creative. They offer quick, no-pressure solar quotes to home and business owners throughout Southern California.

About SunPower by Stellar Solar
SunPower by Stellar Solar is a leading California residential and commercial PV solar design and installation company, based in San Diego since 1998 with over 6,000+ installations across Southern California including notable commercial installations on The Salk Institute, US Foods, Cedars Sinai Hospital and more. Readers of the Union Tribune have voted them best solar panel company again in 2015 marking the third year in a row and fourth time in 5 years winning the award. Their 5 Star Reviews on Yelp, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and high customer ratings on Angie’s list are further testament to their standing as the leading solar provider to homes, businesses and faith based organizations in San Diego County. Learn more at www.stellarsolar.net

About Artichoke Creative
Artichoke Creative is an integrated marketing agency founded in 2003 with locations in San Diego and Detroit. They are storytellers well versed in the art of creating a marketing mix that makes sense for their clients, tells their story and helps them sell more stuff. More at www.artichoke-creative.com

Source: SunPower by Stellar Solar
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