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WoodMac: Biden Loss Would End Hopes of US Decarbonization by 2050

The stakes are every bit as high as the energy industry and climate change activists say they are. The upcoming U.S. presidential election will dictate the pace of decarbonization in the world’s largest economy for decades, according to new research from Wood Mackenzie. Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s $2 trillion climate plan, including a pledge to […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030

Gautam Adani sees COVID-19 as opportunity for faster transition to clean energy

“While the immediate economic impact may slow us down, we are presented with an opportunity to pause, rethink, and design a new and faster transition to a low-carbon future,” he said New Delhi: Billionaire Gautam Adani on Thursday said COVID-19 had an immediate economic impact but the pandemic presents an opportunity to design a new […]

Tata Power Rating: Buy; Primed for sustainable and clean growth

Dominion Targets 24GW of Renewables and Storage in Move Toward Virginia’s Clean Energy Goals

The utility embraces solar and offshore wind, but critics say its plan is too reliant on fracked gas and pipelines. Utility Dominion Energy is planning a major shift toward renewable energy and batteries as it looks to comply with Virginia’s ambitious new clean energy law. Dominion Virginia’s new integrated resource plan (IRP), announced Friday, represents […]

Duke Energy and Wells Fargo sign renewable power agreement

Three-Quarters of New US Generating Capacity in 2020 Will Be Renewable, EIA Says

2020 will be a record year for U.S. renewables construction as 6 gigawatts of coal capacity goes offline, according to new government figures. The U.S. Energy Information Administration has confirmed what it and industry watchers predicted a year ago — that wind and solar power will expand on their already-large share of new U.S. generation […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030

One More Time, With Feeling: GE’s Latest Approach to Energy Storage

After a long evolution, GE now sees integrating batteries with renewables or gas turbines as its best place to add value. Century-old electric technology company GE kicked off 2019 with yet another reorg. The workhorse Power division was split up, to start. Though still a top supplier of the world’s natural-gas turbines, the division had […]

RWE Renewables adding 40-MW / 80-MWh storage to its 200-MW solar project in Georgia

California Demands 3.3GW of New Resources as Grid Shortfall Looms

Procurement is a boon for solar-storage, demand response and other clean resources, and could forestall last-ditch option of keeping coastal gas plants open. California regulators have approved a 3.3-gigawatt “all-source” procurement that will pit new renewables, energy storage, demand response and other clean resources against natural gas-fired power plants in a race to meet what […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030

A Renewable Energy Giant Makes a $1 Billion Bet on Natural Gas

One of America’s biggest renewable-energy companies is making a bet on natural gas. NextEra Energy Partners LP agreed to buy Meade Pipeline Co., an owner of a pipeline that provides gas from Pennsylvania, in a deal valued at about $1.37 billion, according to a statement Monday. While NextEra Energy Partners already owns pipelines in Texas, […]

The Conundrum of Anti-Dumping and Safeguard Duties in the Solar Sector

Trump EPA rolls back Obama rule on coal-fired power plants

The Trump administration on Wednesday completed one of its biggest rollbacks of environmental rules, replacing a landmark Obama-era effort that sought to wean the nation’s electrical grid off coal-fired power plants and their climate-damaging pollution. Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler, a former coal industry lobbyist, signed a replacement rule that gives states leeway in […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030

Japan plans carbon emission cuts, more nuclear energy

Japan is calling for further efforts to cut carbon emissions by promoting renewables but also nuclear energy despite the 2011 Fukushima reactors meltdowns. The energy white paper, adopted by the Cabinet Friday, said Japan faces an “urgent task” of reducing carbon emissions coming from utilities that have relied heavily on fossil fuels to make up […]

USAID to launch multi-year project in Bangladesh to promote growth through energy

Bloomberg Commits $500M to Close All US Coal Plants by 2030, Halt New Natural Gas Plants

The billionaire philanthropist’s “Beyond Carbon” campaign lays out the radical goal of taking fossil fuels out of the energy mix, as part of a broader decarbonization effort. Michael Bloomberg unveiled a $500 million “Beyond Carbon” campaign on Friday, aimed at closing every U.S. coal-fired power plant by 2030 and halting the construction of any new […]

U.S. solar industry predicts installations will quadruple by 2030