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The New Normal for the Grid: Batteries

The New Normal for the Grid: Batteries


On this week’s Energy Gang podcast: We dig into the latest project activity in energy storage.

In nearly every corner of the country, energy storage projects are finding their way onto the grid — they’re getting bigger, cheaper, more diverse and even a little bit weirder.

Most of all, they’re just becoming normal. This week, we’re talking about the new normal for power operations, which includes a lot of batteries. (And maybe some air tanks, water pumps and cranes too.)

GTM Staff Writer Julian Spector joins us on The Energy Gang as a guest co-host to round up the most topical storage projects and tell us where the market is headed.

Then we’ll look at a novel approach to long-duration storage: a gravity-based system from Energy Vault that just got a major injection of Japanese venture dollars. How skeptical should we be?

And finally, we’ll look at all the other alternatives to lithium-ion batteries that are vying for traction in the market. Will pumped hydro see a revival? Can flow batteries finally prove themselves?

Source: greentechmedia
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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