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TUV SUD Issued CTF Lab Qualification to JA Solar

TUV SUD Issued CTF Lab Qualification to JA Solar


TUV SUD Group recently announced that it issued a lab qualification of Customers’ Testing Facilities (CTF) to JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. The CTF lab qualification is widely viewed by the PV industry as the recognition for the excellence in quality control and professionalism lab testing capabilities.CTF qualification signifies that the lab test results of solar PV products can be directly embodied in a CB (Certification Bodies’ Scheme) report issued by TUV SUD, thus promoting market recognition of the products, as well as demonstrating the professional lab testing capability of the enterprise.  More information on CTF is available on the IEC official website.

Dr. Xinming Huang, VP of quality control at JA Solar, commented, “as one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance solar products, JA Solar is honored to have our PV module testing laboratories located in our Shanghai and Hefeimanufacturing sites been CTF qualified.  TUV SUD is a globally recognized testing, inspection and certification agency, and the designation should further showcase JA’s name brand recognition and make our products quality more reputable.”

Dr. Huang continued, “Our module testing laboratory plays a pivotal role in product quality control and the introduction of new materials and products at JA. This CTF lab qualification is another testimony of JA Solar’s outstanding product quality control.”

Mr. Hailiang Xu, Chief PV Inspector of the TUV SUD Greater China Region, commented, “The CTF lab qualification represents the third upgrade of a JA lab in TUV SUD. Each upgrade recognizes JA’s lab management and testing capabilities, and lab compliance with IECEE/CB regulation. CB test report and certification are technical quality requirements for solar PV products worldwide. Previously, almost all CB testing reports could only be obtained from third-party testing agencies. With the factory lab CTF qualification, JA Solar can now obtain a CB test report either from TUV SUD or from its own CTF qualified testing lab. This is a significant achievement in the solar industry.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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