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Waaree has been assigned SP 1 A grading by ICRA

Waaree has been assigned SP 1 A grading by ICRA


India’s number one premium solar manufacturer and solutions provider, Waaree Energies Limited, has received the highest grading SP 1A for solar projects. This formally recognizes and affirms the highest performance capability and highest financial strength of Waaree Energies to undertake solar projects. The grading agency specifically notes the strong track record of project execution as well as the strong parentage and management within Waaree group. Being assigned the highest possible grading for solar projects by a reputed rating agency reaffirms the credentials and the market standing of Waaree. The grading provides a tool for comparison of channel partners on a rational, scientific framework and a commonly applicable scale. As envisaged by MNRE, the grading also enables the channel partners to showcase their capability in executing projects to various other stakeholders like lenders, customer, suppliers and community groups.

Commenting on this reaffirmation by the noted grading agency, Mr. Hitesh Doshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Waaree energies, said, “We consider this as the timely revalidation of the tireless work we at Waaree have been doing for more than a decade in and for the solar industry. While we consider the success of our clients and partners as reward enough, these recognitions go a long way in keeping our morale high and motivate us to continue our quest for excellence. ” Waaree has been recently awarded the coveted Tier 1 status, taking its rightful place among the international leaders in manufacturing of bankable solar modules. On the domestic front, Waaree has been awarded by the Central Board of Irrigation & Power, Government of India (CBIP) as the “Best Solar PV Module Manufacturer & Solar Power Developer”.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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