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2020 Energy Taiwan Commenced as Taiwan Become Hot Spot for Global Green Energy Investment

2020 Energy Taiwan Commenced as Taiwan Become Hot Spot for Global Green Energy Investment


Energy Taiwan is currently exhibiting at Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from today (14th) to 16th, and has concatenated the three major energy of solar, wind, and smart energy storage, with a total of 500 booths. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen pointed out during the opening ceremony that renewable energy in Taiwan has experienced a surging development during her 4 years of tenure, and that Taiwan has returned to being an essential hot spot for global investment of renewable energy.

Tsai pointed out that the development of green energy is a crucial part of the government’s “5+2 Industrial Innovation Program” and the 6 major core strategic industries, and that only a stable operation of renewable energy will be able to achieve the target of energy transformation by 2025 for Taiwan. It is expected that an investment of NTD$1.2 trillion and 20K of employment opportunities can be created by 2025. As the first offshore wind farm in Taiwan entered commercial operation outside the coast of Miaoli, another 14 offshore power plants are expected for successive completion by 2025, which have attracted Japanese and South Korean research teams to come to Taiwan for further studies, indicating that the Taiwan’s development in offshore wind power is currently at a leading position.

Taiwan will be focused on three major directions in the future, which comprise of the stipulation of long-term development plans, planning of a comprehensive green energy industry chain, and a stable provision of green energy, in the hope of continuously marching towards to becoming the development center of green energy in Asia. Tsai proposed three essential strategies, and the first is the proposal of vivid development strategies that will reinforce the confidence on investment for local and overseas manufacturers.

The second strategy is a comprehensive planning of a green energy industry chain and the preparedness of supporting measures for the green energy industry. In addition to elevating localized specifications and levels, the next phase for the country is to strive to enter the global market, as well as the completion of relevant financial institutions and market mechanisms. Taiwan has begun implementing the national financing guarantee mechanism and green electricity transactions, which will refine the green energy industry.

Last but not least, the third strategy is the ensuring of a stable provision of green energy, which allows the high-tech industry of Taiwan to maintain competitive advantages in the midst of this wave of global supply chain adjustments.

Tsao Shih-lun, CMO and Taiwan President of SEMI, commented that energy transformation of Taiwan has experienced important advancement under the support of the government, and that is it very likely for Taiwan to become an Asia Pacific operations center by becoming a hot spot for global investment of renewable energy. As an indispensable component in the supply chain of the global manufacturing industry, Taiwan requires energy transformation to maintain its global competitiveness, and that the important conditions required by the development of renewable energy, such as market, policy, and environment, are gradually in position evidently as TSMC became the first semiconductor supplier in the world to have sighed the RE100 initiative, and signed with Orsted on the largest contract of purchases and sales of renewable energy in the world.

Energy Taiwan is the most indicative annual event of energy in Taiwan, and numerous developers and industry representatives have been invited this time for exhibition. For solar energy, Energy Taiwan has invited local companies, including AUO, Motech, TSEC, URE, Win Win Precision Technology, and YSOLAR. For offshore wind power, Energy Taiwan has invited CIP, EnBW, Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm Project, Formosa III, Orsted, Swancor, RWE, and wpd. As for energy storage, Billion Watts, Mobiletron, Samsung, Siemens, Sysgration, URE, and Yulon Motor will be attending this grand event, in the hope of incorporating the energy of resources of global technology, as well as propelling the transformation and upgrade of the energy industry in Taiwan.

Source: energytrend
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network