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500,000 EV Charging Stations Plan Update

500,000 EV Charging Stations Plan Update


I’d like to thank all readers for their input on the draft charging plan we are putting together for the Biden administration. I’ve read through the comments and e-mails, and in the second draft for a charging plan, we will be incorporating most of the changes you all suggested.

Here are the top two questions we got:

Why not include Tesla superchargers on the map?

We chose to not do this because they’re proprietary and Tesla vehicles will be able to charge at CCS and CHAdeMO stations in the future. It isn’t a good idea to spend taxpayer money on installing chargers that can’t work with all cars, but we do suggest in the plan to leave space at charging sites for other companies (like Tesla) to colocate. This will be clarified in the next draft of the plan.

Why suggest installing CHAdeMO plugs?

First off, we will be changing the plan a bit based on this question. Yes, CHAdeMO is likely to become the Betamax of charging standards eventually. There are quite a few used Nissan LEAFs on the road, and a number of other CHAdeMO models. Having some minimal support for those cars would help make them more useful, and lower the environmental impact of EVs.

In the next draft, we will clarify that each station should have one CHAdeMO plug out of 4 or 8, much like Electrify America does, to provide this minimum level of support for older EVs. Also, these plugs can be changed out in the future for CCS plugs if they get to the point where they see no use.

We are still making progress on the map.

Since the first draft, we added proposed locations for interstate chargers in the Deep South.

Once we have the whole US Interstate Highway System mapped out, we will do the next draft of the complete plan for further comments and ideas, and then work on rural highways for the draft after that.

Source : cleantechnica
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network