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ADS-TEC showing world’s first “High Power Charging” at Intersolar Europe: storage-based 320 kW fast-charging technology for e-mobility in the low-voltage grid

ADS-TEC showing world’s first “High Power Charging” at Intersolar Europe: storage-based 320 kW fast-charging technology for e-mobility in the low-voltage grid


At electrical energy storage (ees), held during Intersolar Europe 2018, ADS-TEC will be presenting the world’s most powerful solution for the fast-charging of electric vehicles in the limited-power distribution grid in hall B1, booth 230. Furthermore, the battery and IT specialist from Nürtingen will be showcasing its product portfolio of scalable lithium-ion battery storage systems for home, business, industry and infrastructure and demonstrating the unique features of its energy solutions.

Based on decades of experience, ADS-TEC develops and produces high-quality lithium-ion battery storage systems – including energy management systems – under the “StoraXe” label especially for the professional sector in the industrial and energy supply environment. The modular design offers nearly limitless scaling possibilities and extensive IT solutions open new operating and business models.

With electromobility, there will be a great demand on high power in the distribution grid. ADS-TEC is already offering intelligent energy solutions and a new dimension of fast charging technology to offer maximum power even in the low-voltage grid in the smallest of spaces.

320 kilowatt “High Power Charging”: HPC booster and HPC dispenser
At this year’s ees Europe in Munich, the company is presenting its world-leading, storage-based HPC “High Power Charging” fast-charging technology for existing and future e-vehicles. There is the extremely compact battery storage system “HPC Booster” – a large complete system including battery, inverter, climatisation, control, energy management, security/firewall and communication unit at just below two cubic metres – and the fast-charging station “HPC dispenser” for a DC charging capacity of up to 320 kilowatt. Thus, several hundred kilometres of driving distance can be charged in just a few minutes. The system is easy to integrate and uses the existing distribution grid effectively and without the need for costly grid expansion. With its attractive design, the charging system also fulfils representative purposes.

“PowerBooster”: Mini-container system for fast-charging stations and as district storage system
ADS-TEC offers a further innovative energy solution with its outdoor battery system “PowerBooster” which also delivers high power capacities at fast-charging stations while being recharged at low power at the available grid connection point. This avoids elaborate medium-voltage systems or expensive grids and, in many places, the compact size eliminates the need for building cost subsidies or building permits. Storage system capacities in the standard configurations cover bandwidths of 120 to 240 kilowatt hours.

At the same time, the PowerBooster can be set up as a district storage system almost anywhere outdoors and connected to the 400 volt distribution grid. Many useful grid functions such as voltage stability, delay for optimum bandwidth utilisation, frequency regulation, reactive power supply or peak capping are possible. Large energy suppliers and local grid operators are already using PowerBooster successfully for temporarily overloaded distribution grids using volatile producers and consumers such as photovoltaic systems and e-vehicles.

Storage solutions for industry and infrastructure
Storage solutions from ADS-TEC’s “Industrial & Infrastructure” area cover bandwidths between 100 kilowatt hours and multiple megawatt hours and are used, above all, for tasks such as peak-load capping, load management, balancing energy, emergency power applications and in combination with wind power or larger PV systems. For large-format applications, ADS-TEC supplies customer-specific, turnkey solutions, e.g., in 20 or 40 foot containers, and ensures seamless integration at the customer’s location. The modular design and the comprehensive IT management system facilitate nearly limitless scaling possibilities. High-quality battery cells from the industrial sector allow maximum power and minimum capacity losses throughout the operational life of the systems.

Flexibly use home storage
Storage products from ADS-TEC’s “Home & Small Business” area are designed for private houses, multi-family dwellings as well as workshops, businesses and public facilities. The product portfolio starts with 6 or 9 kilowatt hours of storage capacity for home use, goes to 19, 28 and 47 kilowatt hours as a closed cabinet system for larger houses, commercial use and industry and can be individually expanded into the multi-megawatt range.

The exceptional energy density, a high number of cycles and the constantly high performance of all StoraXe storage products enable utilisation concepts that are more far-reaching than the simple optimisation of personal consumption, e.g., for the fast charging of electric vehicles or a central connection to various cloud services via ADS-TEC’s own “Big-LinX Energy” platform.

Added value with the “Big-LinX® Energy” cloud solution
The value with the StoraXe systems from ADS-TEC lies firstly in the power-optimised hardware and secondly, but above all, in IT and the added value provided by the specially developed Big-LinX Energy cloud platform.

In Munich, visitors can learn about the various Big-LinX Energy Tools with a live application. These tools take care of monitoring, remote maintenance and data analysis of the storage systems during operation, for example. For ADS-TEC the possibility of recording status information down to cell level is unique. Each individual cell in a StoraXe storage system is monitored over its entire usage life by its own battery management system. If deviations from the agreed operating parameters occur during operation, warnings can be transmitted to the operating company’s management system via the Cloud. The operating company can therefore arrange preventive maintenance work before damage or system failures can occur.

The individuality and variety in the application requires maximum flexibility in the adaptation of warranty conditions. For this purpose, ADS-TEC has developed a tool that has been confirmed by cell manufacturers and customers for the transparent depiction of battery storage states. This minimises risks associated with the benefit commitments and maximises economic utilisation. StoraXe energy solutions particularly impress customers with demanding and global tasks in which system availability and reliable operation of the system are top priority.

Off-grid solutions
With the StoraXe storage technology, off-grid solutions can be implemented especially effectively and reliably. An optimally matched system with stable control and its own energy management system results, for example, in fossil fuel savings of up to 50 percent with hybrid systems with PV, wind and diesel. ADS-TEC supplies customer-specific solutions in turnkey containers and offers optimal integration in the off-grid system.

ads-tec GmbH – Technology for Professionals – 100% Made in Germany
ADS-TEC is a medium-sized, family-run business with headquarters in Nürtingen near Stuttgart and a current staff of 240. The company develops and produces high-quality and industrial IT systems with long-term availability as well as scalable lithium-ion battery storage solutions including energy management systems for the home, industry and infrastructure sectors.

ADS-TEC CEO Thomas Speidel is president of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES) e.V. and a board member of StoREgio Energiespeichersysteme e.V. Through initiatives in numerous projects funded by the federal and state governments, ADS-TEC maintains close relations to businesses and research institutes along the entire value chain.

Source: solar-consulting.de
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