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Fronius Produces more than 1 Million Snap Inverters

Fronius Produces more than 1 Million Snap Inverters


A million up!

The millionth Fronius Snap Inverter hits the road

Fronius have been working in the area of solar energy since 1992. Much has happened since: Fronius have revolutionised the market with our PC board replacement technology and are setting new standards in customer support with the Fronius Service Partner program. And with Fronius SnapINverters, we have taken the installation and maintenance of inverters to a new level in line with the ‘Seen one, seen them all’ concept.


The Fronius Snap INverter was launched in 2013. For six years now, the ‘snappys’ have been inspiring customers right around the world, whether in single-phase or three-phase markets. That’s for both small roof-mounted systems for private households and large-scale commercial use, right through to the Megawatt range.

A million is just  the start

This summer we produced the millionth Fronius SnapINverter; next goal: the second million. Join us as we follow our inverter on its journey from production to Installation.

About Fronius Solar Energy

 The Fronius Business Unit (BU) Solar Energy has been developing photovoltaic energy solutions and distributing its products through a global network of expert installation, service and sales partners since 1992. More than 20 Solar Energy subsidiaries, an export ratio of over 90 percent and a total output of more than 14 Gigawatts from installed inverters are testament to this. Its mission is to achieve 24 hours of sun. Day after day Fronius is hard at work turning this vision of a future in which 100% of the world’s energy needs are covered by renewable sources into a reality. With this in mind, Fronius develops energy solutions to generate, store, distribute and consume solar energy economically and intelligently.

About Fronius

 Fronius is an Austrian company with Indian headquarters in Pune and other regional offices in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Banagalore. With 4,760 employees worldwide, and 120+ employees in India, the company is active in the fields of welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging technology. Around 92% of its products are exported through 30 international Fronius subsidiaries and sales partners/representatives in over 60 countries. With its innovative products and services and 1,253 granted patents, Fronius is the global innovation leader.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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