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Glenn Gardens of Manhattan’s Upper West Side to Install Cutting-Edge Clean Energy Technology

Glenn Gardens of Manhattan’s Upper West Side to Install Cutting-Edge Clean Energy Technology


Tecogen® Inc., a provider of clean energy products which, through patented technology, nearly eliminate criteria pollutants and significantly reduce a customer’s carbon footprint, recently announced the sale of a 200kW combined heat and power (CHP) system for installation in Glenn Gardens, a multi-unit residential building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The sale includes two InVerde e+ 100kW CHP units, Tecogen’s patented near-zero Ultera emissions control technology, and various factory engineered accessories.

Designed by award-winning architect Seymour R. Joseph, the 32-story full-service residential building includes 266 spacious apartments, on-site laundry facilities, and an exercise room. “We are committed to providing our residents with the most comfortable and convenient living experience whenever possible. Tecogen’s equipment will ensure building occupants are never left in the dark in case of emergency – an important enhancement to our building’s resiliency,” said Glenn Gardens’ representative Matthew Guernsey.

“The capabilities of the InVerde e+ are really resonating with the multi-unit residential community, especially those focused on emergency standby power and cost control initiatives,” said Benjamin Locke, Tecogen’s co-Chief Executive Officer. “For properties concerned about cutting operating expense while enhancing resident comfort, the InVerde e+ offers a robust and affordable solution that pays for itself over time – our average InVerde unit saves customers $50,000-100,000 annually.”

Tecogen’s InVerde e+ offers on-site power generation as well as efficient heating capabilities all powered by reliable natural gas. Coupled with the equipment’s best-in-class electrical efficiency to produce maximum savings, the e+ also saves money by recovering free waste heat from the electric generator for use in climate control and to provide hot water. In this way the e+ can cut a building’s energy bills in half while also cutting the site’s carbon footprint substantially. As a result of the equipment’s superior efficiency over the utility grid, each InVerde e+ saves 378 tons of carbon dioxide annually – the equivalent of removing 72 cars from the road or planting 15,729 trees.

Tecogen’s latest upgrade to the InVerde line of efficient combined heat and power units was launched this spring with several new and important features unmatched by competing offerings. Among the most notable new additions, the InVerde e+’s electrical efficiency is 7.5% greater than prior models, 15% greater than the competition, which contributes to as much as $11,000 of additional savings per year.

Consistent with prior models, the InVerde e+ comes fitted with the Tecogen’s patented Ultera emissions control technology, making the InVerde the only natural gas powered CHP product line on the market to nearly eliminate harmful criteria pollutants that contribute to smog. All of these features are bundled together and exclusively offered by Tecogen, creating a unique CHP solution for building resiliency, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency – a complete package.

Source: PRNewswire
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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