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Photovoltaic systems of football stadiums Pituaçu and Maracanã monitored by Meteocontrol

Photovoltaic systems of football stadiums Pituaçu and Maracanã monitored by Meteocontrol


The Meteocontrol GmbH, a world leader in monitoring and quality control of photovoltaic systems equipped solar Brazilian stadiums Pituaçu and Maracanã with the remote monitoring system safer’Sun Professional. The performance and the status of systems, totaling 800 kWp are constantly monitored and displayed in the online portal. The ability to quickly and objectively intervention on error messages and income foregone ensures efficient operation and, consequently, maximum solar yield. The photovoltaic plant from Viracopos International Airport, in São Paulo, also will in future be controlled by monitoring the Meteocontrol system.

The Meteocontrol provided and set up the equipment for data collection and software for monitoring photovoltaic systems on the roof of Pituaçu and Maracanã football stadiums. Were employees of WEB’log data loggers, which record accurately all relevant data of the equipment and transmit the online portal safer’Sun Professional for analysis and monitoring. By comparing these values ​​and the simulated data expected energy generation, the portal offers comprehensive performance analysis. System operators receive data updates in 15 minute intervals, displayed clearly for further analysis – available in graphical, numeric and downloadable format.

Operation guaranteed by immediate recognition of failure
To detect significant deviations during performance analysis, an error message is triggered automatically. The management of alerts, complete and customizable, immediately informs the operator in case of problems, preventing impending failures cause yield losses. This reduces maintenance costs and conservation, and the efficient operation also ensures maximum performance and financial return.

Meteocontrol expands its presence in South America
“It is a great satisfaction participate in the pilot projects of the Brazilian photovoltaic market in the partner condition monitoring solutions,” says Martin Schneider, CEO of Meteocontrol. “Together with Asian countries, Latin America is the central focus of the internationalization of our company.” For this, the Meteocontrol is strengthening its cooperation with established local photovoltaic service providers in order to ensure that the installation, the beginning and the continuation of the operation to be conducted with great competence. This German-Brazilian partnership is another project about to be realized: a 117 kWp plant from Viracopos Airport, in São Paulo, also will in future be monitored using Meteocontrol system.

For the Football World Cup 2014, five of the twelve sports stadiums in Brazil were equipped with photovoltaic systems connected to the network in pioneering projects. In addition to bringing prestige to the country, football stadiums with solar panels intended to draw attention to the energy strategy of the government, consistent with climate change policies, and heat the solar market. The stadium Pituaçu first division, in Salvador, Bahia, was opened in 2012 as the first solar soccer stadium in Latin America, with a 400-kilowatt system. Two years later came the famous Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, with capacity of 380 kilowatts.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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