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Sineng Electric Supporting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with Its Trustworthy Solutions – EQ Mag Pro

Sineng Electric Supporting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with Its Trustworthy Solutions – EQ Mag Pro


The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing now! How about let’s pause for a while and shift our attention from the field to the backstage?

In 2020, China made a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2060. Adhering to the motto of ‘Together for a shared future’, Beijing Winter Olympics employs renewable energy as fulfillment to that pledge. During the event period, Beijing Winter Olympics realizes carbon neutrality with hydrogen fueling the Olympic torch and powering over 800 vehicles, 100% renewable energy plants to support the event venues, and 1.7 million carbon credits to offset emissions. It sets a template for how future global events can be held more environment friendly, showing the world that China willingly undertakes the obligations to promote a sustainable future as a great power.

According to IOC, Beijing Winter Olympics is the first Olympic Games in history to have all venues powered by renewable energy, with solar and wind as primary energy sources. The power comes from Zhangjiakou Renewable Energy Zone in Hebei, adjacent to Beijing, which is rich in wind and solar resources. As an emerging renewable energy hub in northern China, Zhangjiakou released its energy development plan in 2015, the same year that Beijing won its bid to host the Winter Olympics.

As a global high-tech enterprise with renowned performance in both PV and ESS industry, Sineng Electric is proud to be part of the contribution towards a cleaner world. This time, the company supplied three projects in total.

The 250MW PV project integrates multiple types of renewable energy, which consists of 100 units of 2.5MW, each adopting 4 sets of Sineng Electric 630kW inverters. The project demonstrates cutting-edge technologies for power generation, transmission, storage, utilization and operation control, marking another major breakthrough in grid access and large scale energy transmission.

Being one of the company’s flagship products, Sineng Electric 3.125MW central inverter has been applauded by customers worldwide. Combined with 37kV MV turnkey stations, Sineng powers a part of this 500MWp PV project. After being put into operation, it’s expected to increase local use of clean energy, helping build a low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy consumption system.

Zhangjiakou Olympic Wind Solar City, a demonstration project designed to function as an innovation base combining solar power, wind power and energy storage. The project has a capacity of 10MW/10MWh, powered by 4 sets of Sineng Electric 2.5MW/2.5MWh medium voltage PCS + ESS battery container system.

As the world’s leading PV inverter solution provider, by virtue of the company’s accumulation in power electronics technology, Sineng Electric is able to provide state-of-the-art solutions in full power range for various scenarios. In the future, Sineng Electric will further explore technological innovations, develop more and better products to create value for customers and boost the realization of a greener earth.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network