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Solare Datensysteme and ADLER Solar form a Strategic Partnership

Solare Datensysteme and ADLER Solar form a Strategic Partnership


Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS) and ADLER Solar Services GmbH have formed a strategic partnership – both companies are known for their forward-thinking solutions in the solar industry. The goal is to continually expand the cooperation on the national and international level in order to offer plant owners monitoring, trouble-free operations and optimized yields – all from a single source.

For both companies, plant monitoring is extremely important along with the best possible performance throughout the entire life cycle of a photovoltaic power plant. Customers benefit from this strategic partnership with the prevention provided by the optimized and innovative monitoring from SDS and with the trouble-free operation provided by the service and solutions from ADLER Solar.

Plant operators profit from the bundling of core competencies

With the Solar-Log™ product range and the Solar-Log™ WEB online portal, SDS offers its customers innovative products and solutions for PV plant monitoring and the effective use of self-produced power. With the monitoring solutions from SDS, technical problems are quickly detected at an early stage. Error notifications triggered by cable damage, inverter malfunctions and power outages can be immediately sent to ADLER Solar via an online or mobile channel. The ADLER Solar can then analyze the cause and fix the problem directly. With operations and maintenance services (O&M), the cooperation provides long-term security to keep plants running trouble-free and to optimize them. Power outages can become rather costly – luckily, the Solar-Log™ can be also easily installed at existing plants.

“With this cooperation, we can target the use of our innovative products and expert services from ADLER Solar to ensure smooth and optimized operations of PV plants. This allows us to provide our customers an experienced partner for professional advice for and care of their PV plants in case of problems,” said Dr. Frank Schlichting, CEO of SDS. Gerhard Cunze, Managing Director of ADLER Solar, emphasizes, “Our goal is to provide everything from a single source and to offer customers a single contact for all of their needs. With the innovative data logger and online portal from SDS, customers can check the status of their plant at any time – a great benefit for customers and the optimal complement for our services.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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