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The next generation: teamtechnik’s high-performance STRINGER TT2100, with 65 MWp annual output

The next generation: teamtechnik’s high-performance STRINGER TT2100, with 65 MWp annual output


The Stringer TT2100 is setting a new standard at 2100 cycles per hour or 1.7 seconds for a single cycle. It confirms teamtechnik’s position as the supplier of the fastest single-track soldering solutions for solar cells in the world, increasing the throughput per stringer to 65 MW per year and production system. The full teamtechnik layup system with two Stringer TT2100s and a 6-axis robot achieves a total output of 130 MW per year.

Soldering up to 6 busbars with full and half cells
The new STRINGER TT2100 can process solar cells with up to 6 busbars. Systems which are initially equipped to process fewer busbars can easily be upgraded to 6 busbars later. This applies both to full cells and half cells.

New short, compact design
The new stringer saves on space, because, despite achieving higher output, it takes up much less room in the production hall. Compact in design, the Stringer TT2100 needs less production space than its predecessor system. At the same time, teamtechnik has reduced the electricity and compressed air consumption by another 10%.

“The pressure on costs in the solar industry is still enormous, so we are constantly striving to improve the performance of our stringer systems. With system availability of up to 98% and exceptionally high output, we help our customer to cut their production costs continually,” said Axel Riethmüller, Executive Vice President at teamtechnik.

Gentle cell handling and perfect string geometry
teamtechnik stringers are known for their very low cell breakage rates, accurate string geometries and ribbon positioning. Gentle cell handling, optimum soldering parameters and technologically sophisticated processes also ensure that the even faster STRINGER TT2100 also boasts these features.

Even ribbons with very narrow widths of less than 0.6 mm are perfectly placed, as they and the cells are carefully held in place during transport with the patented teamtechnik hold-down system. Soldering is becoming ever more sophisticated as the width of both busbars and ribbons steadily decreases. This is a challenge which teamtechnik has mastered perfectly with its stringer technology.teamtechnik focuses consistently on improving its expertise in high-performance stringers. High, reliable output and the best soldering results are at the heart of the innovative stringer technology. The company has become the world leader in just a few years. Solar module manufacturers from all over the world place orders with teamtechnik. teamtechnik delivered its 600th high-tech system at the beginning of 2016.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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