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Toyota unveils Innova HyCross, self-charging hybrid EV in green drive – EQ Mag

Toyota unveils Innova HyCross, self-charging hybrid EV in green drive – EQ Mag


‘TKM to continue selling diesel Innova after improvement in supply situation’

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) on Friday unveiled Innova HyCross, a self-charging strong hybrid electric vehicle (SHEV) offering green fuel option to its customers.

Based on Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), the Innova HyCross comes with TNGA 2.0 litre 4-cylinder gasoline engine.

It comes in a monocoque frame with an e-drive sequential shift delivering a maximum power output of 137 kW (186 PS), providing rapid acceleration and best in segment fuel economy, a top company executive said.

The vehicle also comes with the option of a TNGA 2.0 litre 4-cylinder gasoline engine delivering an output of 128 kW (174 PS). Since 2005, when Innova was first introduced, more than 10 lakh units have been sold and it is the market leader in its segment.

“The main objective behind coming out with this self-charging hybrid electric vehicle is our organisation’s responsibility towards the society and in the journey of carbon neutrality,” said B.P. Venugopal, Vice President, TKM in an interview.

“This is also part of our commitment to produce a green car from a green factory. We are making a sincere attempt to be in harmony with nature,” he emphasised.

“The Innova HyCross is capable of running 40% of the distance and 60% of the time in electric(EV) or zero-emission mode,” he added.

He said based on driving conditions one can get better fuel efficiency of 35% to 50%. The vehicle will give mileage of 21.1 km per liter of petrol.

Designed for family needs, the vehicle will be introduced in mid-January 2023 and the price is yet to be announced. It is targeted at households, business families, celebrities and millennials looking for weekend drives.

It features a muscular and tough design with ample space of an MPV and “proportions and poise of an SUV.”

The company, which has halted accepting new orders for the diesel Innova Crysta, will continue selling this model.

“The temporary stopping of Innova diesel was because of limited supply situation. Currently our focus will be on Innova HyCross, however at an appropriate time we will restart [taking orders for] Innova diesel,” Mr. Venugopal said.

“We will have multiple power train options to suit to the requirement of our varied customers,” he added.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network