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Yamaha evaluating to launch electric vehicles in India

Yamaha evaluating to launch electric vehicles in India


Yamaha Electric Bike India bound. Company also intends to invest in improving the infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The Japanese automaker Yamaha is evaluating to launch electric vehicles in India. Yamaha is amongst the first international two-wheeler manufacturers to release its plans to invest in electric mobility in the nation. The move towards electric is taking place globally and developing countries like India are trying to keep up with the developed nations by introducing various policies and subsidies in the sector. The pollution levels have soared to a new high in the past decade, therefore, everybody is investing in renewable energy and the rise of electric vehicles seems imminent now. While the Yamaha electric bike India launch is still a few years away from us, here are all the details on the company’s plans related to the EV business.

Although Yamaha does plan to launch an electric two-wheeler in India in future, the company, at present, intends to invest more in the local production of various components of electric vehicles like batteries, power units etc. Commenting on the same, Yamaha Motor Research and Development India MD Yasuo Ishihara said “Investment shall mainly be for power units and batteries. Infrastructure development in collaboration with some partners may be another area where we would look forward to make our investments.”

The company is researching the plan if EVs can even replace the internal combustion engines. If yes, what should or can be the exact timeline for the transfer and how abrupt or smooth should it be. “We are at present conducting a feasibility study in this area (electric two-wheelers). Yamaha has an edge in this segment as we already have such products in other countries. Transferring such products to India, it is not so difficult”, Ishihara said.

In order to stay competitive, Yamaha will continue to develop internal combustion engines in India. “I believe that the EV products cannot be the complete replacement to the current internal combustion engines. This is one of the biggest study points,”, Ishihara said. He also claimed that most of the investment will cater to the local development and production of power units and batteries. Yamaha also plans to collaborate with another major player for investment into generating infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The company has not released any official statement pertaining to the timeline or the amount of the proposed investment. While we wait for an official statement, your comments are welcome on the possible arrival of Yamaha electric two-wheelers in the Indian market. Do share your views on the same and keep tuned for more info. According to a report published by the Indian Government think tank, Niti Ayog and Rocky Mountain Institute, the rise in acceptance of electric mobility will take down the pollution while the economy will create a new $300 Billion domestic market for EV batteries.

Source: carblogindia
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