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Bringing light in tribals lives

Bringing light in tribals lives


Rekhapalli (East Godavari): Plethora of problems plague most of the villages in Agency area. The mandals that were merged in the district are worst hit, as they do not even have electricity. Tribals are often being bitten by poisonous snakes and insects during nights. They are not able to call emergency service like 108 in case of emergency, even though they have mobile phones. Children suffer the most as they are not able to study in the night due to lack of electricity.


ASDS Rekhapalli-based NGO is spending as much as Rs 2.50 lakh to Rs 3.50 lakh to set up solar power grid in Agency mandals that have no electricity

They are also installing wiring to each house, besides training two youth from the village to protect grid

 ITDA-Chintur and Godrej are partnering the NGO in its initiative

However, their plight is a thing of past, as Agriculture and Social Development Society (ASDS), an NGO based in Rekhapalli village of VR Puram mandal is establishing solar power grids with the cooperation of Godrej in Agency mandals of Chintur, VR Puram, Yetapaka and Koonavaram.

They are setting up solar power grids by spending Rs 2.50 lakh to Rs 3.50 lakh in each of the 31 villages, which have no electricity. In the past, solar power plants were set up at one place in each village and charging lights were distributed by various departments. However, this system has failed as villagers had to charge their lights at only one place in village and most sold charging lights due to lack of awareness.

Now, ASDS has taken up initiative to install wiring for every house directly through solar power grid, fix a switch board and distribute two LED bulbs and mobile charging socket for every house. Two youngsters from each village are being trained in three phases at ASDS office in Rekhapalli in order to protect and maintain the solar power grid. Village committees have also been set up to protect the grid. ITDA – Chintur is providing two LED bulbs for each household.
Speaking to The Hans India, director of ASDS, V Gandhi Babu said this initiative is lighting up lives of the tribals. “They are now able to call the 108 service in case of any emergency and perform works in the night time even though there is no electricity in their village. Children are also able to study in the night time and they are now safe from snakes and insects in the dark,” he added.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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