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EGP begins operation of the largest wind farm in the Show-Me State

EGP begins operation of the largest wind farm in the Show-Me State


Enel Green Power North America has completed construction of the 300 MW Rock Creek Wind Farm in Atchison County, Missouri. Rock Creek will produce enough energy to power approximately 100,000 Missouri homes and marks EGP-NA’s first project in the state

“Bolstering wind energy is a priority for the state of Missouri, and we are pleased to contribute to the state’s growing renewable energy portfolio,” said Rafael Gonzalez, CEO of Enel Green Power North America. “Our role in the state extends far beyond the power we provide, and we look forward to the opportunities for new partnerships, collaboration, and innovation with the State of Missouri and the community in Atchison County.”

The project, which has the backing of over 250 landowners, is expected to generate approximately $90 million in combined property tax and land lease payments over the next 20 years. These property tax payments will deliver many economic benefits to the region, funding critical needs in the community, including county road and bridge projects, Tarkio and Fairfax school districts, the library and emergency services.

In recognition of the impact that the Rock Creek project continues to have on local infrastructure through tax dollars and community initiatives, the Atchison County Development Corporation (ACDC) presented EGP-NA with the 2017 Economic Development Award. Each year, the ACDC uses this award to honor a business or organization that has significantly contributed to the economic and community advancement of Atchison County.

“The completion of the Rock Creek Wind Project is great news for Tarkio and Atchison County,” said Representative Allen Andrews of the Missouri House of Representatives. “The project will generate significant tax revenues for local schools and provide employment opportunities for Atchison County residents. We are excited to welcome Enel to Northwest Missouri.”
“EGP-NA will sell the power and renewable energy credits from Rock Creek under two separate, long-term power purchase agreements to Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) and the KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company (GMO).”

“The clean electricity generated at this new wind farm continues to expand on KCP&L’s commitment to sustainability through additional renewable energy in Missouri. Further, the production tax credits allow the developer to reduce costs that KCP&L can then in turn pass along to customers by keeping rates lower than would otherwise be possible,” said KCP&L Vice President of Generation, Duane Anstaett. “Wind energy is a clean, renewable part of KCP&L’s diverse generation portfolio and KCP&L currently has the largest portfolio of renewable energy and energy efficiency per customer in Missouri. We also have seen the benefit of Rock Creek being located in our service territory through a boost to the local economies from construction related opportunities and expect continued economic benefits to the communities we serve for several years to come.”
“EPG-NA worked with long-standing strategic development partner, Tradewind Energy to develop the Rock Creek Project. EGP-NA and Tradewind Energy have partnered on more than 2,700 MW of operational wind projects across the Central and Midwest regions of the US.”

“The Rock Creek Wind Project marks a significant milestone in the development of Missouri wind power,“ said Rob Freeman, chief executive officer for Tradewind Energy. “As a Kansas City-based company, we are especially proud of this project which will provide energy for our neighbors and support our hometown utility company, KCP&L.

The project would not have been possible without the support and participation from the Atchison County Commission, local officials, participating landowners, and the general public over a 10 year development phase. The success of this project demonstrates the continued progression in Midwest and U.S. renewable energy.”
“With over 150 wind turbines spanning across 40,000 acres, Rock Creek required a total investment of approximately $500 million and at 300 MW of capacity is the largest operating wind farm in the state. ”

The construction of the wind project created over 420 jobs at the peak of construction and is expected to generate about 10 new full-time jobs in Atchison County, many of which were sourced directly from the local community.

As part of the Rock Creek Wind Project, EGP-NA will also provide the town of Tarkio with an extra economic boost. The company renovated the former Shopko building on Main Street to serve as Rock Creek’s Operations & Maintenance (O&M) building. On top of revitalizing a visibly vacant building in the heart of Tarkio, EGP-NA also wanted to create an opportunity for its employees to interact more closely with the local community.

Since the beginning of 2016, EGP-NA has added more than 1,000 MW of new wind capacity, making the company’s wind portfolio one of the largest in North America. Across the US and Canada EGP-NA operates more than 100 renewable energy plants, which together represent more than 3,600 MW of capacity.

Source: enelgreenpower
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