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Hanergy Joins Hands with ETS to Mark HanWall’s Entry in Australia

Hanergy Joins Hands with ETS to Mark HanWall’s Entry in Australia


–          Assigns ETS as a distributor for its innovative BIPV product – HanWall

–          The cooperation aims at achieving $5.4 million annual sales

Beijing: The world’s largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.hk), announced today (Oct 15) that it has inked a strategic cooperation agreement with Environmental Technology Solutions (ETS), the largest green energy solutions provider in Australia to confer the right of ETS being a distributor in Australia of Hanergy’s recently launched BIPV product – HanWall.

The first strategic cooperation agreement for HanWall, following its launch in global market was signed by Mr. Lv Yuan, Vice president of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group and Mr. Rick Edwards, Director of ETS during the signing ceremony that was held at Hanergy’s global headquarter located in Beijing.

Under the aegis of the strategic agreement, both parties will initiate several projects together covering over 30,000 square meters area. The cooperation is aimed at fulfilling the need of 4.3 megawatts electricity in Australia and achieve US$5.4 million annual sales.

Mr. Lv Yuan, Vice president of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group says, “The cooperation between Hanergy and ETS in Australia marks the first overseas market that HanWall breaks into. With its high efficiency and reliability, HanWall sets up the new benchmark for BIPV segment and provides possibilities for creating completely self-sufficient, off-grid buildings.”

As the largest sustainable construction solutions provider in Australia, ETS has its footprints in multiple countries and districts including Australia, New Zealand, United States and Taiwan. The company has invested in over 20 large BIPV projects in Australia alone. As part of the cooperation with Hanergy, ETS seeks to expand its horizon to mainland China and harness Hanergy’s technological advantage to benefit Australia’s BIPV market.

Mr. Rick Edwards, “HanWall is undoubtedly a promising product and we’re very confident of it doing well in Australian market. Likewise, we’re delighted to be a distributor of HanWall in the country. Along with Hanergy, with this next-generation BIPV module and solution, we’re bound to set the standard for future ecological buildings and up the ante in the BIPV segment.

HanWall is amongst its series of commercial and civilian products incorporated with cutting-edge thin-film solar power technologies. Debuted as the world’s first integrated solar powered wall solution, HanWall can generate up to 326 Kw of electricity per thousand square meters in a day, saving on average 46% of the energy consumption. It promises to have abiding power output, with no less than 85% productivity for at least 25 years. With 4 choices of colors and its availability in various sizes, HanWall gives architects more freedom on façade design and is bound to change the way BIPV products were regarded aesthetically.

About Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd –

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd (0566.HK) is a Hong Kong-listed company, and a subsidiary of Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. As one of the leading thin-film solar companies in the world, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd is committed to “Building Mobile Energy”. Since 2009, Hanergy has been working relentlessly to integrate worldwide solar technologies, and making a robust investment in research and innovation in the field of thin-film solar power. Thin film solar technologies have been applied to a series of commercial and non-commercial products, including HanTile, HanWall, HanCar, HanWindow, Humbrella, HanPack and HanPaper.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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