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AppScooter® by Etergo, The World’s Safest Electric Scooter To Debut At CES 2019

AppScooter® by Etergo, The World’s Safest Electric Scooter To Debut At CES 2019


Sleekly designed, AppScooter is a ‘Tesla on two wheels’ that delivers safer, smarter mobility, helping to accelerate the global transition toward sustainable energy and transportation

Gasoline-powered scooters and existing electric scooters have come laden with multiple challenges. Gasoline scooters can produce up to 2700 times more pollution than a modern van. Equally, electric scooters to date have featured short-range driving capabilities with little visual and design appeal. Born and built in the Netherlands, a country that has embraced the electric future, Etergo’s mission is to accelerate the global transition towards sustainable energy and transportation by creating a sleekly designed, safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles.

“This is not your run-of-the-mill scooter,” said Bart Jacobsz Rosier, CEO and co-founder of Etergo. “AppScooter is a world-class electric scooter that is not only green and intuitively safer but also better in every way — from its sleek design and longer driving range to its bigger storage space and faster, more efficient drivetrain. We believe our longer drive range and bigger storage capacity make AppScooter uniquely suited for the U.S. market. People fall in love with the sophisticated design and feel safer with AppScooter, which happens to be electric. It’s a win for both consumers and the environment.”

AppScooter features include:

  • Safe Navigation and Apps: Keep your hands on the handlebar and your phone in your pocket. AppScooter comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and handlebar controls. It allows the driver to navigate, stream music and remotely control their smartphone, with safe throttled notifications and speed-restricted interface access.
  • 150 Miles of Range: Say goodbye to range-anxiety. Drive up to 240 kilometers/150 miles using a modular battery that allows the driver to choose their desired range. One module equals 80 kilometers/50 miles, and modules are easy to carry and charge overnight.
  • Fast and Efficient Drivetrain: Faster than gas-powered scooters, AppScooter accelerates from 0 to 45 km/hr or 28 mph in 3.9 seconds. This power not only helps the driver be first off the line, but also helps to conquer steeper inclines.
  • 3 Times Larger Storage Space: AppScooter comes packed with 60 liters/2.2 cubic feet of storage space — enough to hold two full-face helmets, two grocery bags, and more. By comparison, the best modern electric scooters on the market to date come with only ten liters/0.35 cubic feet and top-of-the-line, gasoline-powered scooters come with 16.6 liters/0.58 cubic feet.

AppScooter by Etergo is currently available for pre-order in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (London area only) starting from €3,399 (approximately USD $3,900). AppScooter is delivered “ready-to-drive” and the price includes a two-year warranty, delivery cost, plus license plate and registration fees. Shipping will commence in H2 2019 in The Netherlands and Germany first, with other countries to follow. AppScooter in anticipated in the U.S market near the end of 2020.

Contact appscooter@wearemgp.com to set up a meeting at CES, January 8 – 11, 2018 and see AppScooter for yourself. Access the AppScooter by Etergo press kit here.

About Etergo
Etergo produces lightweight electric vehicles that are better in every way. Only a fraction of people worldwide can afford an electric car. To truly speed up the transition toward renewable energy, we need electric two-wheelers. Designed in Amsterdam to be the safest scooter in the world, Etergo (pronounced ‘et-er-go’) is reinventing personal smart mobility and transport, starting with our first product, AppScooter®. We didn’t just redesign the scooter; we redesigned the entire value proposition. From the way AppScooter is manufactured and engineered, to the way it’s sold, delivered and serviced. At Etergo, everything we do has one singular purpose: to make personal smart transport as effortless, efficient and fun as humanly possible. The AppScooter pre-production series was tested and road-legal certified in summer of 2018. With millions of petrol scooters that need to be replaced soon, our timing couldn’t be better.

Founded in 2015 by Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Flipse, Etergo’s world-class team includes a deep talent pool of more than 50 talented engineers, developers, product managers and individuals from companies like BMW, Yamaha, and Tesla. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Etergo has raised €17.4M euros (USD $19.3M) to date from a group of undisclosed investors and is a privately held company. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, or learn more at https://etergo.com.

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