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PLUG 48,000 mAh Power Bank Claims To Be The World’s Most Powerful Battery Pack

PLUG 48,000 mAh Power Bank Claims To Be The World’s Most Powerful Battery Pack


Many of us had been desperately waiting for a legit power bank which would satisfy our needs. Most of the phones do not last a day and even if they do, we still would make a run for the socket the next moment. Just imagine the pain one goes through when he has to make a call but is running low on battery or when someone really needs to e-mail a file on his laptop which is out of juice. Disturbing, isn’t it? Now, it seems like all our prayers have been heard. ChargeTech Enterprises, a US-based start-up has come up with the perfect solution. What is it? PLUG 48,000 mAh power bank. Yes, you read that right. A monstrous 48,000 mAh!

All about PLUG 48,000 mAh power bank

The PLUG is currently listed on Indiegogo, one of the first crowd-funding websites, by ChargeTech. They have already raised almost $600,000 against a target of $30,000. They are also being backed by around 2000 people and these numbers are on the rise!

All that power might have left you wondering that PLUG might be a big, bulky thing which might not be very portable, right? It houses so much power but still, to everyone’s surprise, it just weighs around a kilogramme. How, you ask? Well, the secret is Tesla batteries which are ultra light. It offers 2 AC outlets up to 250W, 2 Fast Charging USB ports and 1 Type-C USB port. There is also a LED screen which displays the battery percentage. A dedicating recharging port is also provided.

PLUG takes around 7 hours to get fully loaded. If you want to charge it using the solar panels, then it will take an extra hour making it 8 hours for the full charge. On that note, you also have the option to purchase PLUG with a solar panel. It will come in handy in case you go camping or some other adventure trips with not many sockets around.

The PLUG will power almost anything ranging from a mobile phone to television. Take a look at the flowchart below to get a rough idea of what you can do with the PLUG’s power.You can choose from one of the four perks offered. Actually, it is three now because one of the perks (PLUG +Solar Panel) is all sold out.

What else?
The shipping dates have not been announced yet. Currently, it is available at an Early Bird Discount. Later, you can get your hands on them via Amazon on the M.R.P.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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