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MP bats for installation of roof-top solar panels in each home


Lok Sabha MP K Hari Babu has underlined the need for generating solar power to save energy produced by thermal, hydro and gas-based plants while making a pitch for installation of roof-top power panels in every household.Inaugurating a roof-top solar power plant on the office building of the Institute of Solid Waste Research and Ecological Balance institute here recently, Haribabu said both Central and state governments have been giving priority for solar power generation for future needs.Babu said power consumption of individuals can come down drastically if they install solar power panels on their house roof tops.

It requires Rs 85,000 to install solar power panel of 1 kwp to produce four to five units per day. Also, banks will offer 90 percent of the total cost as loan for individuals with minimum interest, he asserted.Instead of depending on power produced by hydro, thermal and gas based plants it is advisable that individuals install solar power panels on roof tops of their houses which will reduce their monthly energy consumption bills, he said.He said a committee of roof-top solar promotion committee has been formed and its members will visit every household and create awareness among residents on solar power generation.

Director of Solid Waste Research and Ecological Balance (INSWAREB) institute which produces bricks from fly ash said with a view to promote solar power he will introduce a business model for house owners to become ‘owner of roof top solar power plant’ without investment under the Build-Operate-transfer(BOT) scheme.Babu said this would allow proliferation of solar power promoting companies in private sector which will build plants on BOT basis and transfer it to house owner after eight to ten years.He said this business model was poised to tap over Rs three lakh crores in next five years to cover over 10 million roof tops.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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